"Welcome to Artinstages Gallery."

Artinstages is a collection of creative art in various stages and experimentation to express the flashes of

imagination which I'm driven to create.

The artwork is divided into six portfolio's which are: 


Painting's  - Using oil, oil & acrylic, ink & oil and either on pre-stretched canvas or canvas board.


Doodles -  Mainly pen, pencil and ink.


Photography - Photographs are enhanced only to bring out what was already there.


Graphic  Art  - Using Paintshop Pro to create new images from all of the above.

And including:-

Before & After - Some images were enhanced to see what they would look like with a black background.


Space Theme  With images created to look space - like using Paintshop Pro



Please feel free to browse and thank you for stopping by, let me know if any catch your eye.



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