Paint - Pad Paint - Pad Girl with Red Umbrella Using oil and acrylic on canvas this was painted in June 2017. A view from the car window. 204744337 Sea Of Sadness This is my very first oil painting. I had no idea how to paint in oils, I didn't know how to use the linseed oil but I really wanted to express how sad I was feeling 30503456 L'Ambiance d'Ete Oil on canvas, this is a painting of the view overlooking the grape fields of Le Grand Batailler, southern France. L'Ambiance d'ete means the feeling of summer. 30503508 Coming Storm Oil & acrylic on canvas 30503479 Mother Earth Oil & acrylic on canvas 30503500 Water Falls Oil and acrylic on canvas. 40171501 Earth Power Oil & acrylic on canvas 30503483 Stormy Road Oil & acrylic on canvas 30503485 Tiger's Eye Oil and acrylic on canvas painted in 1996. I was looking for the strength inside 40175175 Chi-Moon Oil & acrylic on canvas 30503499 Thro' Woods Oil & acrylic on canvas 30503457 Thro' Bark Oil & acrylic on canvas 30503501 Oasis Oil & acrylic on canvas 30503509 Romance mixed media 30503458 Fishy oil 30503480 June mixed media 30503481 Ink 'n' Oil This is my first ink & oil painting 30503489 Sound Of Summer ink & oil 30503484 Fight for Life ink & oil 30503487 Missed Sunset oil & acrylic 30503488 Color Vision oil & acrylic & ink 30503490 Dog Doodle2 oil & acrylic & ink 30503491 Untitled oil 30503492 Lost oil 30503493 Astroid ink & oil 30503494 Lunaoid ink & oil 30503495 Snails Pace oil 30503496 Magic Leaves oil 30503497 Bridges Crossed ink & oil 30503498 Spring oil & ink 30503502 Floods oil & real leaves 30503503 Emotional Emulsion emulsion paint on canvas 30503504 Head Above Water oil & acrylic 30503505 New Horizons oil 30503506 Rainbow Oillite Seascape with oil on canvas. Thought it was lacking something when sunlight filled the room and bounced beams of rainbows through the hanging crystal landing,..... Quickly brought my camera and.... 30503507 Fit To Burst! oil 30503510 Light Shine In oil & acrylic 30503511 Rainy Days oil & acrylic 30503512 Untitled Two oil painting and flowers 30503513 Frozen Time oil 30503514 Day Dream Attempt ink and oil 40171499 oil painting 40171500 nova beach 74539009 lumos moon Glow in the dark paint was used to paint this seascape. 74539010